Our Services

NeuroRx provides professional management of all MRI-related study activities. We understand the need for speed, efficiency and compliance in drug development, as well as the need for regular reporting and rapid data transfers. NeuroRx uses advanced technology to maximize precision in the measurement of MRI outcome metrics and increase study power.

MRI Study Protocol Assistance

Assistance with the choice of MRI outsome metrics and Study Protocol design.

MRI Manual

Provision of an MRI manual and all related forms.

Setup Quantification Forms

Setup of all NeuroRx internal source documents, in compliance with the Regulations.

Scan Tracking (NTT)

Setup of our trial-specific NeuroRx scan Tracking Tool (NTT) and validated trial-specific database (NFD).

Site Setup and Supervision

We take a proactive approach to site start-up and work closely with sites throughout the trial.

MRI Analysis

Advanced, state of the art MRI analysis to maximize data precision.

Regular Reporting

We provide a comprehensive set of reports, including customized reports to suit your specific needs.

Transfer MRI Results

Regularly scheduled and on-demand transfers of MRI results.

Papers and Reporting of MRI Data

Presentation of results at international meetings and publication of results in peer reviewed journals.